sun rings and pumpkin manti…

Mixed-Up Friends

“If you know aught then you know I am grandiloquent and will smite you in wordplay,” Loquatio said.

“You don’t know nothing, bud,” Tim countered, “and do me a favor, speak English or I’ll kick your ass out of this bar.”

From that inauspisicious beginning they became good friends. They met at noon every Wednesday. They crafted handmade books, discussed the weeks’ events, shot pool, and watched certain movies of men and farm animals.

They had a predilection for sheep movies. Especially Loquatio who developed a proclivity for sheep when he was 6 years-old and saw the beautiful lamb Gene Wilder had in Everything You Always Wanted To Know About Sex, But Were Afraid To Ask. If there was true animal pulchritude, that hoofer had it in abundance. But Loquatio did not experience a lamb until his sophomore year in high school when he was voted the student manager of the 4H Club. It was anticlimactic, yes, but he dedicated the rest of his life to enjoying lamb beauty.

Tim loved gerbils. There was no manner in which he could have as full a relationship with one as he wished, but he enjoyed bringing them pleasure in his own digital manner. Tim burned incense and Ambien shavings, and played Carole King and Roberta Flack records, for his gerbil friends. The gerbils seemed to enjoy these nights as much as Tim did. Tim spent the better part of a dozen years doing this before marrying his twice-widowed high school sweetheart.

Tim and Loquatio. Gerbils and Lambs. Pangloss and Martin. Puck and Caliban. Mother Teresa and Ghandi. Stalin and Hitler. Barrack Obama and Andrew Jackson. Gacy and Dahmer. Sex Pistols and Johnny Mathis. Any Kardashian of your choice and Martin Luther King. You. Me.

This truly is the best of all possible worlds.

“Great things are not accomplished by those who yield to trends and fads and popular opinion.” 

— Jack Kerouac

About istsfor manity

i'm a truncated word-person looking for an assemblage of extracted teeth in a tent full of mosquitoes (and currently writing a novel without writing a novel word) and pulling nothing but the difficult out of the top hat while the bunny munches grass in the hallway. you might say: i’m thee asynchronous voice over in search of a film....
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