hey, things could be beautiful…


Four Postcards


Nightmare and pain.  Couldn’t take the city anymore.  

I moved to Pittsburgh hoping to get away from today. 

What I was thinking?!  TV drones on & on.  It happened in PA too.  

Spent the day at the Warhol museum.  Couldn’t enjoy a thing — 

especially the Velvet Underground installation. 

Remember the first time we heard White Light / White Heat 

on CBGB’s jukebox? 

Anyway, think I’m losing it, visions flood in all the time. 

Know you love Basquiat… so here…




Can’t believe you live without a phone! 

One call a month when you get in to Fairbanks?

Little Diomede?!  Please! 

What do you think about the Throbbing Gristle reunion? 

I’ll send you a copy of TG NOW. 

It’s not any better here.  Miami is shallow shit. 

The sun is useless.  The meds are useless.  I’m useless. 

It’s like god damned GODOT!  The more I wait and try 

to move on, the less I’m able.  

PLEASE VISIT.   Miss you. 



Had a fierce argument with Kristin last night 

about which Sonic Youth album is the best. 

Really?! As if…

Fucked up and messy.  Later she starts in again & 

pulls her Ruger out of her underwear! Bitch!

I’m driving her crazy.  I’m lost. 

Boston SUCKS!  The snow is relentless, the nightmares 

relentless, even when awake — that impossibly blue sky,

the fire clouds, that gaping maw, the pyroclastic cloud 

swallowing me whole.  FUCKING Relentless. 

My fault.  On edge. 




jesus came last night – today i tell god face to face what a fuck he is 

remember that baraka line – only god that bald headed faggot is responsible

stuck on the gw bridge for hours  can’t text u hope u get this 

cant get to the wtc site  wish id never been there 

traffics dead metal machine music in my head 

the rivers the black blot i crave

really love u goodbye


“I had nothing to offer anybody except my own confusion.”

— Jack Kerouac 

About istsfor manity

i'm a truncated word-person looking for an assemblage of extracted teeth in a tent full of mosquitoes (and currently writing a novel without writing a novel word) and pulling nothing but the difficult out of the top hat while the bunny munches grass in the hallway. you might say: i’m thee asynchronous voice over in search of a film....
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